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Re: Reaktor Loopers, anyone?

Donít hesitate to ask about this at the NI reaktor forum; theyíre  
very open to beginner queries and generally more than helpful. Just  
be clear about how youíre defining ďlooping;Ē they use the term in a  
variety of ways over there, mostly using prerecorded sample maps, and  
not referring to live looping of instrumental input. Iíve searched  
myself for pre-built ensembles that act as live-input looping devices  
and there are some, definitely, but since Iíve always had hardware  
loopers since I started messing with Reaktor, I was never motivated  
to pursue any of them very hard. (Itís been a long while, which is  
why Iím not able to be more specific...) I found it more interesting  
to try to build my own delay-centric toys, scavenging from otherís  
work, mostly, and to use Reaktor FX for post-loop mangling, at which  
it is unparalleled. I put together a tutorial on FX in Reaktor based  
on what I learned and thereís some simple examples of long-delay  
devices in there. Itís one of the links below:

To get you started:

If you find anything cool, post back!

On Nov 23, 2007, at 7:50 AM, rithma wrote:

> ***my real question first, then my ramble...***
> has anyone found/experienced/developed any quality loopers and live  
> performance modules using Native Instruments REAKTOR????    i just  
> got a legit copy of that, and i must say it is an unbelievable  
> universe of a program,  both for plug & play purposes as well as  
> core level development.    The user library is huge, and i havent  
> had luck in the looping department quite yet.
> ideas?
> long time, no see, list!  i hope everyone is well and enjoying  
> those peaceful nights tinkering.
> i spontaneously bought a boss RC-50 looper after months and months  
> of configuring Ableton live (an array of midi controllers, track  
> routing & rerouting, etc)  and when it finally came down to it,   
> ableton took a dump on me every time we had band practice.   i WISH  
> they would have left that feature out of the program.    now i see   
> all those RC-50 emails make that $500 seem pretty depressing.    Is  
> roland going to do a firmware upgrade via the usb connection on  
> that thing?
> is the only way to go really to fork over the clams and get two EDPs?
> nice to see y'all again....quite good company for a bunch of  
> strangers...(wink)
> etienne
> rithma music