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Re: Burned by Oberheim EDP... Todd Green having problems too

It's one of these every time he tries to get these things going there's 
another problem.  We had purchased a few of them to try to set up a 
stereo setup for his studio at least.  He figured he'd just keep using 
the jamman units in performance since he's used to them and they are 
simpler to use in many ways for what he's doing.

But the thought of getting nicer quality stereo was appealing and we 
started under the assumption that this could be done from what we were 
being told.  Right now he calls me this AM telling me that brother sync 
isn't sync'ing and he's gone through the manuals and fiddled away his 
time trying to get it to sync right and it's not happening.  He is using 
a stereo cable for the sync.

But further he said every time he hits overdub or whatever to end a loop 
it installs a nice "pop" that is absolutely unacceptable in the loop at 
that location.  If he punches out on the 5th beat...there it is sown in 
at that point etc.

Anybody dealt with this problem off the top?  I've had so little time 
with all the other stuff going on I haven't even started to delve into 
building the "Ideal looper" or whatever which some petty people thought 
it necessary to harang about the word useage on :-).  Obviously I'm 
meaning 'ideal' or 'optimal' or whatever I said in the context of a 
working musician who wants the essential features expressed to be in 
place.  If that's not someone elses idea of 'ultimate' then GREAT!  Make 
your own ultimate looper and keep off my lawn! :-)  That was it..I think 
I said 'ultimate'.  The idea was to integrate every idea that anyone can 
think of that has practical value for a performing musician at this 
point in history, into a package that is easy to hook up and use, small, 
and has easy upgrade options.

That's all.  And I wish I had time to pursue the project but I've been 
getting too many weird jobs thrown at me in my regular work and it's 
been like the lousiest scenario possible for the last year here it seems 
in that way.  On the other hand I did finish the studio upgrades here 
and I'm back on track starting to generate the songs I want to do again.

Meanwhile if anyone has any tips on the EDP we might be able to get todd 
going that way or we might have to scrap the whole idea and do something 
else to accomplish that end.   --Bob

Bob Amstadt wrote:

> Sounds like you are sold on going the computer path, but there are 
> other rack mount loopers other than the EDP that support MIDI sync. 
> If you do go the computer path then I highly recommend dedicating a 
> computer solely to that purpose.  This will allow you to strip the 
> computer of all annoying add-on packages that tend to make computers 
> unstable.  The less that is installed on the computer the more 
> reliable it will be.  In fact, if you get a stable configuration.  I 
> would avoid automatic upgrade managers.  I also wouldn't use it on the 
> network.  Installing anti-virus software can be one of the worst 
> things that you do to a computer.
> I'd actually like to see Linux used more heavily in audio systems.  
> There is so much unnecessary garbage in Windows.
> Bob Amstadt