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Soundcraft Compact Mixers good for Looping?

Hi folks

I'm just looking for a small, portable, affordable mixer for looping based 
live stereo setup with active PA.
I kind of liked the Soundcraft Compact 4 Mixer. First, the Compact 4/10 
are setup for recording, so sound quality shouldn't be too bad. And 
especially, what I liked is the fact that the whole setup sort of has two 
stereo Aux busses with stereo routing to Play/Record/Monitor outputs.
Drawback on the Compact 4 seem to be the Chinch inputs (yuck). But I have 
quite a few high quality Instrument-to-Chinch cables left over I could use.

I don't need it at all for recording. I would just use it for live 
situations. The alternative is to get the Soundcraft Compact 4 versus 
Tapco Blend 6 What do you think? Any good?

Do you think I can use the Monitor Out feature in "Mono" mode to send a 
sterea signal sum to a mono FX?

Here is the web page:

Here is a good picture (1MB): 

Here is a SoundOnSound Review of Compact 4:

Tapco Blend 6 Mixer for Comparison:

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