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Re: Virtual Lo Fi Lazer live album shared - "computers to boostcreativity" ;-)

Quoting Raul Bonell <raul.bonell@gmail.com>:
> Believe it or not, but I failed an examination (basic choral practices in
> primary musical studies) because my interpretation lacked "musicality". 
> pissed me of a lot ! Since I didn't liked that Brahms pieces (valses) ! 
> did they thought I was to do more than what it was written down on that
> sheets... I singed the right notes with right dynamics and nothing else
> since it was "primary" studies and we wasn't prepared for more than this 

Great story!

Don't feel bad.  In conservatory settings when someone says, "Well,  
your performance was musical..."  it usually means that they thought  
it was sloppy!


"Musical" = lots of wrong notes, unsteady rhythm, a sincere effort  
that failed.
"Unmusical" = no wrong notes, every nuance perfectly executed, but  
none-the-less unexciting.

Either way, you lose.
I feel your pain.

Gotta love classical music!  :)

-- Kevin  **with an eeeevile grin**