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Re: reverb "rooms"

There's a pedestrian tunnel where I work - it's about 10-15ft square and about 400ft. long.  Stand at one end and clap, the echo's about 1/2 sec.

I showed Paul Haslem (the world's only looping dulcimer guy) and he thought it was pretty neat, too.


bill bigrig <billbigrig@yahoo.com> wrote:

Growing up on a dairy farm, we had 1, then 2 silos
for storing cattle forage for winter. When they were
empty, the reverb in them was TREMENDOUS. I never
timed it but it is long. They are 18 feet in diameter
and 50 feet high. Someday, when I move back to the
farm, I amgoing to take the now unused silos and put
different mic/speaker setups in them and experiment
with a GIANT reverb chamber. I will build a round
plate, hoisted from the top to allow it to be adjusted
to any height within the silo thereby altering reverb
lenght. Different suface textures on the 18 foot plate
will regulate damping. Also on the floor. It ought to
be interesting. Natural reverb from a LARGE
cylindrical acoustic chamber.

Also, we have a large long corn bunker that when I
was a kid, I noticed it provided slapback echos when
yelling from the front to the back. There again is a
natural acoustic chamber that will be interesting to
try. Move the mic/speaker setup distance to the back
wall for different echo time. Plus a bit of reverb
thrown in. I hated growing up on the farm. All work,
no play. But now that the farm buildings are unused
except for storage, there are all sorts of natural
acoustic treatments to be toyed with.

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