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RE: Burned by Oberheim EDP... switching to Mobius?

Hi there...coming into this thread about Crystals late, but its got me worried.
I have two Gibson units... a black and a white face unit, that I have been controling from one FCB7 and a a-b switch.....
I have just added in an Obenheim EDP that will be getting the Loop4 treatment as soon as the chips are shipping again, I have just sat yesterday and programmed  three banks on my fcb to control one edp each using source# offsets, i am then going to connect the fcb1010 to edp1's in, have a line coming out of thru and into edp2's in then outof its thru and into edp3's in.
from what has just been said on tis topic i can see two potential problems.
1. the controller set up i am wanting to use might not work due to the time it takes to get the midi control info to the last unit in the chain
2. the Obi - edp might not sync to the other two due to crytal incompatability with the two newer units which seem to synch well to each other.
by the way i wont be controlling them as a stereo pair  or anything, one will be for purly vocal loops with the other two being used to lay down any combination of handsonic, guitar, guitarsynth, my new kaossilator (grat tool crap name)  or microkorg but always mono. i imagined using one unitt o loops the shorter phrases such as drum beats , thenlonger verses andchoruses on the second unit so i can then  drop out the drums or change the  patteren by only needing to record one bar ...or something like that.
If the old obi wont synch can anyone tell me where to get the crystals from here in the uk?
ta all
Phill MyOneManBand

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