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Re: Ableton live synch issues

I think the setup you are using is the best solution to syncing loops. The problem being the power of your CPU. As long as thats up to the task, you should have no problem. The routing, flexibility with effects and sound quality of SL in Live, I think, makes it the best combination I have tried yet, and I have tried them all. Except of course Mobius (PC Only). 
Good luck
On Dec 27, 2007, at 5:00 PM, rithma wrote:

hello wendy....
- you checked in the 'global' warp setting?
-made sure the 'original' BPM (the BPM guessed by your PC as the original) of all the tracks are the same
-if still having problems, i would sometimes have to bounce all the loops (or cut them to) the exact same length
-run the ableton audio buffer tutorial to make sure the latency is just right, though that wouldnt do anything to help synch loops tho.  

say has anyone come up with solutions on the RC50 when i was gone?    ive resorted to ableton again, this time using sooperlooper.  
seems quite nice, actually,  if i can get it synched.  

i was looking around on the net and found that even the looperlative doesnt synch to Midi Time code?  is this true?
is the echoplex the only thing that actually exists?

love rithers