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Re: Easiest drum machine software

Spectrasonics RMX is amazing and very easy to use. 
On Mar 7, 2008, at 8:22 AM, jj 179 wrote:

Hey folks,
I had been considering plunking down a coupla hundred bucks on a used Ensoniq or E-mu drum machine and it occurred to me that it might be cheaper to go the software route. For whatever reason I have a bit of a brain block when it comes to programming synths, MIDI, and rhythms, so it will be an uphill battle I know. The drum machines I've been drawn to are those that allow you hammer out rhythms on pads in real-time, so that you don't JUST have to do it in step programming. Trance/dance/techno/breakbeat etc are what I'm looking for.
Any decent software packages out there focused on drums? I really don't have the time/inclination to master a complicated software interface like a lot of the overall production systems - if there really is a dedicated drum machine program out there that's decent, i'd love to play with it. If it has (or has access to) multiple decent drum libraries as well, that would be cool - or at least the ability to play wav samples. 
I do have an Akai MPD16 midi drum control pad thingie, so that should help.
Any thoughts on a "for dummies" software drum machine?

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