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Re: What's the best vocal looper to buy


--Adrian Bartholomew
Quincy, IL
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On Friday7,Mar 2008, at 9:36 PM, phillip wilson wrote:

element one....this is the drum/rhythem elements....these are laied down first and then put in a safe place to come back to (THIS TELLS US THE LOOPER IS CAPABLE OF MULTIPLE TRACKS)

not necessarily. the edp can record silently. u record then u hit mute. u never hear it, but its there. u just have to hope to god it was made properly for when u bring it into the song.
element three Delay fx.......at verious points the artist uses the second behringer continous controller to add delay to his vocals, this is done pre-loop as the loop is not effected...(THIS WOULD SURGEST HE IS CONTROLING MORE THEN ONE UNIT FROM HIS MIDI PEDAL, AGAIN THIS WOULD SURGEST TO ME A LAPTOP OR SIMILAR MAY WELL BE BEING USED HOWEVER IT COULD ALSO BE A SECOND HARDWARE RACKMOUNTED DELAY...IM JUST GUESSING WHAT I WOULD DO TO GET THIS).

u could be right but it could be any one of many things. i personally have my 1010 midi'd to my yamaha 01v (the best thing since tuner pegs) for a musician. i have it control aux 7 send which sends the chosen signal to one of the mixer's internal delays. i set this delay time to midi clk. 
since the looperlative sends midi clk according to the loop set, my delay is always in time with the song. i further set the delay to the dotted 1/4 note value to get that Police/Floyd feel. 
its very transparent. i set a loop on the Looperlative, and anytime i want a delay on my guitar or voice, i ride one of the 2 footpedals on the 1010. i really dont have to do anything. and its in time!!!

PS: ull need a 2 to 1 midi merger to do it though as the Looperlative has separate out and thru midi ports. its only 60 bucks at musicians friend.

the maker himself wrote in answer to the undo problem!!! i havent seen the RANG owners or the makers of the EDP ever respond to anything on this forum.
way to go Bob. ill start calling YOU tuner peg. lol.
looking forward to the UNDO. YESSSSSSSS.

phill myonemanband
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> From: music@carlsonarts.com
> Subject: RE: What's the best vocal looper to buy
> Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 22:18:43 -0800
> The EDP sounds interesting. I want to be able to record a whole 
> song, part by part, and solo over it vocally - this could require at 
> least four parts in at least three sections. Check out Vocaloop.com 
> for a guy who is doing what I have in mind. What equipment do you 
> think he is using? I can't tell from the videos, but it looks like 
> he's got LOTS of pedals on the floor.
> Also on youtube:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAtatKjDxEs
> And better yet:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l073tuzxoV0&feature=related
> (but skip to about 2:22 to hear the song I'm talking about. I won't 
> tell you what song it is, but lets just say maybe in Scandinavia MJ 
> is still PC.)
> So, would the 198 seconds in the EDP be enough to do what he is 
> doing? is it expandable? It may be out of my price range for a 
> first unit. I'd have to buy pedals for it too, right? Sweetwater 
> lists it at $999.
> Michael C.

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