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Cycloops / Soundbite Micro

Hi all
I just got back from my holidays surfing in Lanzarote , i couldnt be unplugged for a week so to my girlfriends dismay I took along my KP Mini and Kaocillator .......i havent had that much fun for months,  the two work so well together building simple loops on the 'ocilator and passing them throught the delays of the KP mini....it got me thinking to how to solve the only problem of the 'ociltor....only 8 beats no undos and everything getting a bit to big to quick.
So im now looking at buying a soundbite micro as this has four sample slots and you can set the reletive times to each other (i would have one as 4beat one as 8 one and16 and one 32 but thats just me) plus a load of other cools stuff...
the only thing i was wondering was, does it function like a normal looper with one button push starting record then the next stopping it when ever i want to begin looping, or is it more like the kaossicators looper when everything is goverened by bmp and that has to be set first...this is less intuitive for me as a musician but i can see how it would work for a dj.
anyone else got anything to add, likes , dislikes etc... are the bigger cycloops and soundbites battery powerable?

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