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Re: Announcing electro-music 2008

Wow. It's bad enough that performers have to pay between $500 and $1000 
their own travel expenses. I take it the festival does not bring in enough 
door ticket sales (not from performers) to pay for the event costs (venue 
rental, equipment rental, etc).

Running festivals is tough. This is my third year, and I track a very 
precise budget and +/- cashflow. Essentially, it is a minus profit event, 
which is why I will probably file for non-profit status before next year's 
festival. I have some folks in the community helping me with this. It will 
give me access to a whole new range of grant dollars, from $1000, which I 
get now from an individual grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, 
to grants in the range of $50,000. That would pay for the travel expenses 
20 performers, give them $500 in their pockets, pay for the venue, all of 
the promotion, pay for the sound guy, stage manager, door person, video 
screen rental, and many other things. It would be a wonderful thing.


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You pay to play, that's just how it is.  Basically everyone there is a
performer.  The concept of "audience" is unique in that way.  I played
the 2005 event and it was well-worth the ticket price.  I had a great

On Apr 21, 2008, at 6:49 PM, Boise Experimental Music Festival wrote:

> Do they really mean performers, or non-performing participants? If  the 
> former, that is border line absurd.
> Kris
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>>> I thought that many of you might be interested in this announcement.
>>> Bill
>> Hilarious, Bill! Thanks for that good laugh:
>>> Note that since this is a community event rather than a
>>> commercial event, all participants are required to purchase
>>> tickets for the event.

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