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Re: garage band

samba - schrieb:
>   They even imitate us when we use things that are trash. I love making 
> music from junk,But  a car company dismantling a new vehicle to make 
> musical junk sculptures for an ad campaign really annoys me.  Nothing 
> new though,I found magazine ads from the 30s that appropriated dada and 
> surrealism.

Yes and no, usually advertising is just annoying, but I must admit there 
are differences. I saw ads (only in the cinema btw) which expose high 
artistic skills. Of course the aim and content isn't art at all with 
only few, mostly questionable, exceptions (remember the Benneton ads?).

On the other hand it is a true opportunity for an artist to be equipped 
with no limits in material and resources. This carries a chance and a 
trap at the same time. But taking the chance and avoiding the trap is in 
the responsibility of the artist...

For the artist herself its also a question of moral, what kind of 
company am I supporting with my creativity, and does it conflict with my 
artistic goals. This would give me the biggest headache...

I definitely prefer that a company is spending its ad millions for such 
a campaign than for the usual "I have the nicest car, look at it in the 
same perspective as all other competitors show it" or the "sex sells" 

Artistically this is a short shot, but at least could be inspirational 
for young people who don't know anything about art history. The artists 
involved got a chance to develop their skills, and had a "day job" which 
could feed their "real art" for quite a time, not only money wise, also 
in terms of their skills and probably material/gear...

In that specific case, the aesthetics don't fit my taste at all, its 
even the opposite of the poetic connotations which usually come with 
using junk as material. The promoters obviously decided out of some 
abstract knowledge, but without any understanding, of the history of art...
Ads are specified by the complete lack of depth, it even seems its a 
underlying principle is, to avoid any depth. Though I do know exceptions 
for that rule as well.


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