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YIKES! after blaming a dying MOFX or a dogy midi lead, or wonky settings.. im beginning to fear that my beloved EDP has started putting out bad wobbly midi clock. Main Clue is the wobbly echos from the MOFX (which MIGHT be dying) and weird wobly bpm readings on both my Repeater and my Red Sound Federation.

Please can some clever EDPér (Andy B that means YOU) tell me not to worry its only that chip re-seating malarky... happens all the time... or is... um... gulp... serious... I can take it, give it to me straight..

love Mark

PS: the edp is completely normally operating in all other ways, but for the wobbly echos from the MOFX and wobbly displays from above items OH.. and NON synching arpegiator from my git synth too... damn... I would never have known...