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correction of "MaintStage bug" + some quick tips on looping in MainStage.

Hi List,

Yesterday I answered a letter by Zoe on bugs in MainStage and I told
about a bug that makes it impossible to use a patch with only a
virtual instrument while at the same time controlling a third-party
plug-in (a looper, maybe?) placed on a bus. This morning I looked into
this "bug" and found that this scenario works perfectly well. Sorry
about posting bad information, it might be that I had some conflicts
in RME drivers or OS X half a year ago, but as said - it's not a bug.

So the bottomline is that MainStage would do a good host for
SooperLooper even today. Put the looper on a bus. You create a bus bus
by holding down the mouse button over an effect send slot and chose
the bus, or example "bus 1". Then turn the knob to send 0 dB signal
level to the bus and open SooperLooper in the first slot of bus 1.
Next you go to Layout mode (click it top left), grab a Button and drop
it on the workspace area. Then click "Learn" and kick your pedal that
you want to use for "Record". Move from Layout Mode to Edit Mode
(click it top left), select the "Concert" (top header of Patch List to
the left), select the Button and then go down to the Parmameter
Mapping window to click Bus 1, SooperLooperAU and finally the
parmameter (here "Record"). Do the same with all other parmeters;
Overdub, Multiply etc.

A note:
Using the Button graphic control object forces us to work with
alternating switch functionality. This is bad but no show-stopper.
There is another graphic control object called Drum Pad and this one
has a momentary switch functionality. But unfortunately, in this first
version of MainStage, the Drum Pad can not be assigned to parameters
of plug-ins on a bus (hope the Apple dev guys will change this).

For continuous control (like Feedback, Input level, Output level etc)
you can use a Fader, Knob or Parameter Text object.

So in essence, if using a Behringer FCB1010 pedal for control, you
should be able to build something on the screen that looks quite close
to the FCB. Among the "Shelf Controls" you could use the Mod/Pitch
Wheel or the Foot Pedal.

awesome--->  MainStage reading tempo from SooperLooper:
At Concert level in Edit Mode you can (in the Concert Inspector)
activate the Tempo functionality "Get tempo from MIDI input". Then you
have to make two things in SooperLoooper in order to make it work.
First click the sync field until it reads "syn to Loop 1". Then open
SL Pref's and, under the MIDI Bindings tab, activate "Output MIDI

This fix makes it possible to record your first loop freely in SL and
then have all MainStage's effects sync to that tempo. So if you swap
patch for one with a beat synced tremolo gate, delay or autofilter,
that new effect sound will sync to the loop's tempo. Also, if you want
to use UltraBeat for drums, all sequence patterns will run in sync to
your loop.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)