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Re: Jamman v Boss/self-promotion/new work

Rainer/Saajak thanks so much.  I really didn't provide enough info so I can see the encouragement for the GigaDelay pedal which I've thought about.  My attraction to the Jamman is to broaden my looping technique/interest plus in a sense have a portable recorder to capture things when I either need it for live or don't want to pull out some other equip such as for home sessions hence the Jamman's attraction for that plus for looping the storage though not imperative is attractive.  What I was more hoping to know was any negatives people had run into or technical glitches "design" type things.  The only limitation on both pedals I see is that it seems to be mono out which in an instrument input situation I can understand though a second out akin to the Digitech X series Delay pedal I've been using though not true stereo I don't think still is nice in that it doubles the feed (guess doubles the noise as well) but gives the parallel out.  I may be mistaken but don't think I've seen that on the J or B.  I had thought about the MMwH but the JM storage is attractive on several levels as said.
The Boss interest is about some less investment as well as reputation and possibly durability though I think that Digitech is reasonable in their ruggedness.  That said I'm not overly abusive to equipment.  I always get a rise out of the user reviews on MusiciansFriend who are blasting various pedals for not holding up to their "stomps"!
I realize too my music examples had very little to do with looping that you might sense the interest in the JM or Boss and possibly I should have sent those sep as OT but still they were stream of conscious improv's so though pertinent to this community.
I've come from a non-looping or very little efx manipulation/enhancement world in my main experience except for the dabling that I've done in the last two years largely from the collaboration with Daryl in Chinapainting though the interest in the enhancing goes way back.  I am very interested in utilizing more technology and looping to a degree in my work both solo and with Daryl though in CP I don't want to get in the way of his tape loops.  I'm very interested in layer creation as opposed to just improvising on a sequence.  I have dabbled with Mobius as many of you know but though clearly many of you are quite successful with live laptops my jury is still out on them in a live setting though I've come close to using Mobius live.  Too I don't have any external controller for Mobius just using mouse/keys presently.
Anyhow I should have clarified better and sorry for that, I do appreciate all the input and any future thoughts.

On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 7:23 AM, Sjaak <tcplugin@scarlet.be> wrote:
> Rainer wrote:
> Taking into account that what I heard from you is not that much
> song-oriented, I'd suggest a Boss DD20. But it doesn't have a
> storage option. Same goes for the EH SMM w/Hazari.

Hi Jim,
I can recommend the DD-20; it was my first looper pedal and I still like it.  But it's a 23 sec delay pedal, XL20 and Jamman are phrase samplers...so the concept differs. What do you want to do with it?


>               Rainer
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> If you were choosing between JamMan and the Boss 20XL what are your opinions?  I'm considering JM due to USB and storage.  Anything I ought to know that I may not in that this will be my "first" real looping tool?  I have a Digitech delay that has a 4 second loop I use a fair amount and have some experience now with Mobius but am desiring for live a dedicated pedal.  Thanks in advance.


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