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Re: More on Pretec CFCs and the Tima Tec Site

Hi again,

A couple people have written me asking about prices on the Tima Tec site for the Pretec CFCs. I posted this info on the repeater users list, and am hoping that for people subscribed to both, that the redundant posts aren't getting too annoying. But since I know some people may be repeater users but not subscribed to the repeater users list--I've included the info here as well.

When I called Monday, the prices I was quoted (not including shipping) were:

99.99 for the 512 MB card
79.99 for the 256MB card
57.79 for the 128MB card

I forgot to ask whether this is value in Canadian $ or US $ (I was just so happy to find them, and find that they have them in stock I ordered without asking), but seeing as the value of both the Canadian $ and the US $ are more or less equivalent right now (when I checked a couple days ago I think it was something like .9950 [US] : 1 [CAN]), it doesn't seem to make much difference (although I realize it might for buyers outside the US).

The shipping price on the invoice I got today was 9.00 for Fed Ex Ground from Fremont, CA (the site of the warehouse they actually ship the cards from) to my place here in Columbus, OH. 

They are scheduled to arrive Saturday (the folks at Tima Tec are fast--FedEx had them listed as being dropped off in Fremont Monday night, the same day I called).

Once I get mine, I will report back on how they work. Given the previous reports from others here and on the repeater users list concerning their success with them, I'm assuming this will be a non-issue though. 

If time permits, I'll also try to finally get around to a more general review of the 2.1.04 OS, since I know some folks who haven't upgraded to it, or aren't repeater users, have posted queries about how it fares. (It seems like a lot of us who have upgraded have been so busy playing with it, we haven't gotten round to posting much on it yet.)