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Re: Software looping with Mainstage - configuration update, Soundflower, Jack, etc.

P.S. : I also just got a Godin Freeway SA guitar - guitars with hex
pickups bolted on just don't seem to work as well as those designed to
be synth controllers. It came with super light strings.

Between this guitar and the sounds in Mainstage, my rock-and-roll
roots are stirring. They're just begging for a context, which I think
I have to invent. A loop-oriented version of Modeski, Martin, Wood,
sort of, crossed with the Dead, is where I'm leaning for my group
concept (whether I can pull it off is another story). I'm too schizo
musically to be able to find a good "container" or branding strategy -
I'm sure many of you here experience that too.

As a solo artist, I think I'm going to take a new-age stance (even tho
the music may occasionally be more "new edge" than "new age" - hey,
maybe "New Edge Music" is a good way to pitch it, actually) and adopt
the name "Painting on Air" for a local gigging strategy - there must
be a number of venues in the area where I can talk my way in if i
don't care about the money (and I don't, really I just want to expose
people to this).

(BTW - about Godins: Many of you have seen the Godin nylon-string
controller that I played at Y2K2006. My experience with that guitar
has been that the concept has been perfect, but the workmanship not
quite A-1. I've had it into the shop several times over the 4 years
I've owned it for reglueing of braces and other work. When it's set up
right, it's great. The new guitar wasn't adjusted quite right either -
I did some minor tweaks, but I'm going to bring it in to a local pro
to complete the setup).