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RE: New Member - Buying Advice and Opinions Sought

Thank you for the suggestion!

I had looked at the Boss RC-50, but had avoided it for a few reasons.

I had heard terrible (really terrible) things about firmware problems,
crashes, reliability issues, and in particular a 1-second delay before
playback that live musicians can find most distressing.  Immediacy is 
the key for me, if I'm going to be working with this thing live, and
reliability is a must.  

>From the stats you listed, it sounds like a perfectly fine candidate -- I
merely had heard that it didn't quite live up to the performance that was

If anybody has opinions on the actual live utility of the Boss RC-50, I'd
enjoy hearing them. 

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Hi Rob,
Welcome to the list. Have you checked the Boss RC-50? I've used it myself,
and I think it's a good candidate for you. 

- 1x XLR mic-input with phantom
- 1x Mono/Stereo 1/4 jack line inputs for instruments
- undo: yes
- sync or unsynced loops: yes
- max 3 simulatious loops
- 24.5 minutes stereo or 49 mono recording time, loops can be stored
- USB to upload/download .wav files to PC