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Album spam

Just to let any folks who might be interested know....I've recently remastered three of my albums and have made them available via my site as high quality (256kbps) MP3's and also as FLAC files. The old versions are still available on iTunes, but these new versions are cheaper and better quality - 5 for the MP3's and 6 for the FLAC files. I also have some CD's available of the Captured album.

I'm currently working on my next opus...called eScape....I have completed 6 tunes and hope to be finished in a couple of months. Click on the standalone player link in my site to hear full length previews of three of the tunes - Lucid Dreaming, eScape and Techtonik.

Enjoying being back on the list and I hope I can contribute something useful to somebody at some time!

Here's the link to my site - http://www.simeonharris.co.uk - click on Music

All the best


NP - Michael Brook - BellCurve