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Re: OT reducing your carbon footprint, helping the state you live in

IMO, the best way to reduce your footprint, for reasons i won't bore  
you with because you know them already...is to NOT BUY ANYTHING NEW

i don't like to preach and chose this for myself for many reasons.  
for example, i stopped buying new clothes (ok, except underwear and  
socks!) many years ago. there's enough in all the used clothing  
stores to keep me going for many lifetimes! and then i just started  
sewing my stage clothes. same for appliances, toasters, vacuum  
cleaners...(except the refridgerator, because old US models are  
shockingly inefficient).  and don't get me started on cars...its more  
"eco" to drive my old VW golf until it falls apart, rather than buy a  
new prius. also, salvaged building materials wherever  
possible...luckily the house is entirely constructed out of redwood  
and stone from the surrounding land.

as for gear....i make an effort to get all my music gear second hand,  
and to learn how to repair stuff. of course, there are items i really  
have to buy new. usually they are so specific (my AKG cello  
microphones) that no store stocks it, and i have to order it. i like  
small geeky music shops, even if there is never anything in them that  
i want other than cables. in portland and san francisco i would have  
the store order it and then go pick it up. however, i've yet to find  
a willing music store out here near bodega bay. there's not much in  
the way of stores of any kind actually, which makes not buying  
anything REALLY easy! but i guess i agree with bill in supporting  
small local stores where possible when i have to break down and buy  

i've also resisted selling classic band merch - tshirts and such.  
even though everyone tells me i'm a fool. i just don't want to fill  
up the world with more useless junk. (fyi, just try getting a disk  
manufacturer to NOT use shrink wrap). now i DO like selling my music  
on itunes!

all that said, i don't think i'm a martyr since i'm not deprived in  
any way. i just prefer it and its how i was raised so it comes  
i certainly don't hold anyone else to these standards.