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Re: OT reducing your carbon footprint

Interesting thread for me today actually. Maybe you clever people can help?
Tomorrow I have a brainstorming meeting with my script writer, designer and a customer. He is from Telenor, the biggest phone company here in Norway. They also own the Pakistan and Ethiopian mobile networks, as well as some others.
I have to come up with (as creative director and main film director) a "concept" for a program (that is online - multi media - interactive - film - animation whatever.. program) that will help educate the employees of Telenor on what they can do both in and out of the workplace to reduce their footprints.
My company specifically specialize in interactive films, but we also dabble in games, e-learning.

So gang.. got any ideas? So far Im looking at the REALLY OLD and quite good EVE, that Peter Gabriel made back in the 80's, that was a landscape that deteriorated as the program, games, interactive puzzles and music went on.

So far we think we have an interface idea, the earth, something like google earth, but with cutaways and atmospheres, that not only deteriorate if you make the wrong choces in the program, but lets you view scenarios. This idea has been trashed by me, on the grounds that Doom and Gloom messages are not only ignored, but have the opposite effect, that people focus on the fact that you cant do anything!!! so Why bother???

Take for example the Gore film, obviously a genius work, rightly shown in all schools here. But of course 2 or 3 minor errors are discovered and a whole industry of websites and debunking programs pop up, overshadowing the obvious.

You guys are (and gals Zoe) are the most switched on, creative and informed bunch I know, so... help me help this multinational dinosaur do something!!!

Looking forward to crazy left fiels ideas...