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Re: calculating rhythmic synch between analalog delay pedal and bpm

I wonder whether it would be possible to sync the drum machine, or any MIDI device in fact,
to a delay pedal through some BMP extraction utility. The signal would go like this:

delay -> mixer/splitter  -> BMP-to-MIDI-clock converter -> drum machine

Korg KaossPad KP3 seems to be able to do the job as it has a BMP detection function
on the incoming audio and can output MIDI clock.

Has anyone tried somthing like this?

margaret noble pisze:
226696.99395.qm@web81005.mail.mud.yahoo.com" type="cite">
hey list!

i have a tech question here....

i own a mooger fooger delay pedal MF-104Z

i want to set it so the delays are in time with the bpm output on my drum machine.

since it is knobs and analog i am wondering if precision is possible?

if so, what math do i use to figure out what would sync a drum machine bpm to  a milliseconds knob on a delay pedal?

thanks in advance!

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