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Re: OT NINE INCH NAILS in Concert tonight in Oakland: ASTONISHING LIGHT SHOW

To bring it back (a bit) on topic: this NIN drum sequencer is called the 
There is a simulation software here:

There is also a video of the real thing on the page.


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>I know this is a bit off-topic,  but
> I just saw a truly amazing show tonight:
> Nine Inch Nails at the Oakland Coliseum.
> I have to say that this show had the best, most modern,
> glitchy and inpiring light shows I've ever witnessed.
> I'm actually more turned on by the Lighting Director as I am
> by the crack band that Trent Reznor had assembled on this,
> the 2nd to last show of his long current tour.
> The guy did the whole show with thousands and thousands of
> small LED lights.    The design was just brilliant and frequently
> it was interactive with the band.
> There was a huge LED array behind the band and then there was
> a secondary LED array on a huge see through curtain that went
> all the way across the stage so that you could see the band
> THROUGH the light show.
> In one segment,  the drummer came out and , by touching,
> large white squares on a gigantic see-through curtain,  the lights turned
> red and he programmed a drum maching in real time for the piece that
> was playing.
> I wish I could describe more of it, but I felt like I was watching the 
> future
> of large scale concert presentation (especially, visually).
> .....and Reznor (who was in fine voice)  didn't even introduce the L.D. 
> the end of the
> night in his introductions.    Shame on him (unless the guy didn't want 
> be introduced)
> The guy is a genius.