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Re: short looping blog in Mental Floss

ok, everyone on this list is going to get zoe overload now.  its  
fantastic, but i think this is an example of how self-referring the  
blogosphere is. one blog references another, references another.

its a loop!

i'm extremely grateful of course, but its interesting to note how it  
all works. it all started with radiolab.

(that is a great video though of me looping at the airport. one of my  
favs, its got a couple great airport security announcements and i  
especially like the person running by and all the people who are like  
"what the hell are you doing?")

meanwhile, separate from my 15-minutes-of-blogosphere-hotness this  
was in the NYTIMES today about the Toronto film fest:

'“The Secret Life of Bees,” a coming-of-age drama set against the  
civil rights struggles of 1964, turns out to be stitched together,  
emotionally speaking, with a cello.'

i realize they are speaking metaphorically, since a character plays  
the cello. but the actual player of all the cello parts is me, and  
the layers of cello loops in the movie are all SOOPERLOOPER.

i'll lay low while i'm on tour in europe over the next couple months  
and try not to accomplish anything so as not to be annoying.

i am sorry to miss the 2008 santa cruz loop fest and hope to make it  
next year. i've always wanted to bake mobius-strip cookies for the  

On Sep 9, 2008, at 8:55 PM, Charlie Milkey wrote:

> Hello All,
> I might have missed a post alerting this but there is a short  
> looping article in the blog "Mental Floss" (http:// 
> www.mentalfloss.com) and it even mentions Zoe Keating!
> Its not a whole lot on the subject, but its cool that looping is  
> getting out there!
> Charlie