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Re: Hector Zazou

Another Light has gone out. 

His collaborations with the great African singer Bony  Bikaye were fantastic. 
Zazou / Bikaye / CYI "Noir et Blanc" (1990 Crammed Discs / CRAM 2534 CD) is a very fine album  and a worthy addition to any fine music collection.
He and Bony also released some EPs and / or 12"s which are also well worth checking out. One EP was entitled "Mr. Manager" as I recall?
( I do not have it in front of me right now,but I have it in my collection, and I am fairly certain that is the correct title)

I was also able to see a show he did with Fripp, and Bill Reiflin and others as "Slow Music" some time back.  (over a year ago)

I wonder if there are any films or videos from his over all career?   At least the recordings will live on forever...

All the best,

Rev. Fever

On Sep 10, 2008, at 9:51 AM, Dean, Hal wrote:

Sad indeed. Zazou was fantastic and I was not aware he was ill. >From ZNR through “Gelogies” and, yes, “Sahara Blue”, he infused really profound dreamy soundscapes with shards of exquisite melody. Hector Zazou used an extremely broad palette, but often peeled everything away to reveal small instrument groupings that were by turns funny, disturbing, frothy, and all shades in between.
He will be much missed. Au revoir.
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Sad, sad new.
One of my favourite Zazou's works is Sahara Blue (with collaborations by Depardieu, Sylvian, Sakamoto, amongst others), great atmospheres (http://www.lastfm.it/music/Hector+Zazou/Sahara+Blue?autostart).
See you, Hector.
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I'm sad to hear this.



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