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Setting Up my new Gibson Echoplex Pro


Great site you have here. I am new to looping, having just purchased  
a Gibson Echoplex Pro. I saw Keller Williams live recently and was  
inspired to try the one man band thing.
Anyway, I have searched the archives and have not been able to find  
the answers to a couple of basic questions (so basic probably a  
caveman will know them before me)
I wish to loop live an acoustic guitar, bass, vocals and mandolin.  
Keller had a 16 track mixer with 3 echoplex's in his rack, all  
synched together.
His roadie told me he has 3 units because he needs 3 footpedals on  
different parts of the stage where his various instruments are setup.
My questions:
1. If I purchase a 16 track mixer, will I be able to loop everything  
(guitar,bass, vocals) with my one Echoplex unit (without having to  
plug and unplug each instrument and mike during performance)?
2. I noticed Keller would play a part on an instrument, then press a  
button on one of his mixer channels right after the loop. What do you  
think he was doing?
Thanks in Advance,