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RE: new hardware vst box

> Seems a bit high in price.  The V-Pedal is supposed to be 1299 euro.
> Which is around $1800 US.  For that, I can get a PC and a FCB1010.  I
> know, I know, there's the reliability thing.  But still.

I remember looking at this a few months ago.  Like the Muse Receptor
they make it sound like they can run any VST but this is marketing

Their secret sauce is something they call "VFX" which appears to be
some sort of VST host emulation layer with maybe some OS emulation
thrown in.  They haven't published anything about this or released any
developer kits so this suggests they're still getting the bugs worked
out of it.

Plugins that follow the VST spec very closely may work but those that
make direct OS calls (like say Mobius) won't.  If this thing
ever hits the street I may consider making a variant (Mobius LE! :-)
that removes the OS dependent features so it could be embedded in a
device like this.  But one of the things we'd lose is scripting which
for me would make it pointless.  We'd have to find a way to compile
the scripts into the VST rather than reading them from the file

The UI is also a huge issue.  This thing seems well suited for "set
and forget" synth and effect plugin chains but not for things that you
do a lot of interacting with during a performance.  I would have to
write a custom UI for their little display.