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Re: Monsters of Loop

There's tons of good BF, but offhand I'd recommend "Blues Dream" and "Good Dog Happy Man" if you dig "Nashville".


On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 11:48 AM, <thetoyroom@charter.net> wrote:
wow. i'm not sure if i can handle the 7 hours of driving (each way) to get there and back on a Sunday... i would love to go though!

RE: Bill Frisell.  I only have two albums of his.  I have 'Works' on ECM, and 'Nashville' on Nonesuch.

I listen to 'Nashville' all the time and enjoy it very much.  'Works' not so much.  I'm interested in getting some more of his records.

Would anybody have any recommendations?  Should i look at current stuff or older stuff?

thanks in advance.