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Warren in the Sandbox at Applefest (Warwick NY, 10/5)

Yes, I know it sounds like the solution to a game of Clue, but really
it's a rare performance of my electronic freeform duo, The Sandbox.

We will be collecting puzzled stares from the onlookers at Lewis Park,
right up past where South St. goes into Main in Warwick NY, from 2-4
PM on Sunday, 10/5.

I have a lot of wild new electric gtr & synth sounds, which I route
through my own Looper, so expect a lot of surprises! (yes, that system
crash was a part of the performance). My friend Steve supplies
electronic percussion.

Think of it as the weirdest music you could ever imagine dancing to.
It's always exotic, often grooving, sometimes edgy, sometimes spacey.

I think it's kind of dangerous for us to play with all that fruit in
people's hands, but you have to take chances in the music biz.

(this is a copy of the announcement i sent to my colleagues, so if it
underestimates your looping knowledge, that's why)

Hope to see you there,