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RE: musicianship for solo loopers? (was OT NINE INCH NAILS)

***So what are your thoughts regarding how you approach making your solo
looping gig more visually engaging?

First off, I usually try to groom well and dress nice! ;-)

No, in all seriousness...for now I just get out there and play, in between
tunes I try and talk to the audience, or introduce a tune with a story or
anecdote, especially for solo acoustic bar gigs, where I deconstruct cover
tunes of all genres, MY way.

Now when I perform looping and ambient (which is rare these days since it's
not a 'bar-acceptable' thing), I always wish I could have some sort of 
of nature scenes, or eerie graphics or fractal-generated visuals.

I think what Steve Roach does is pretty awesome, with the skies and redrock
desertscapes. Also Richard Pinhas had some incredibly weird "TV screen 
noise snowstorm" graphics when I saw him. Dark imagery.

But for me, it would be things that inspired me from hikes in the forests,
and waterfalls, but colorized and altered with software, or space shots of
unique nebulae, planets, etc. Floyd-esque, if you will.

Which reminds me...RIP Richard Wright. You will be sorely missed...

Ed in NJ