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VIDs of Andre Lafosse and Tim Nelson /Loop setup

tim-thanks for posting that link about your gear/loop setup.
although one of the vids was from 2003, it's the first time i've seen it.
some good stuff at the zeitgeist gallery!
we just got a computer at home a few weeks ago, but i still haven't been able to watch much-w/ trying to compete w/ work related stuff getting done on it, and kid's games.

a few days ago, i was also just watching a few of the clips of Andre La Fosse
that were posted to youtube.
the couple little things i saw, i was amazed that he was creating the sounds from normalized live (although i know it's a live album done in his home studio). interesting to see it done live where i could see it. don't remember how old the material is, i'm sure it's a year or 2 old...

trying to catch up on all the things i haven't seen in the last few years....
happy looping.