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Re: Your Top 5 Pink Floyd Albums

On Sep 20, 2008, at 12:30 PM, tEd  KiLLiAn wrote:
> I was born in 1953 and have been a fan since i bought "Umagumma" as  
> a brand new double LP at the corner record shop in 1969.
> I picked up on some of their earlier more psychodelic stuff after  
> that and have bought everything ever since.
> I even find their early soundtrack albums, although weaker  
> generally, to be still very enjoyable from time to time.

> Even some of the Gilmour era "reconstituted" Floyd is pretty darn  
> good (much like Gilmour's solo efforts).
> News of Richard Wright's departure from this mortal coil was much  
> to me like news of the death of Hendrix, Morrison, or Lennon.
> The end of an era.

Ted, you've got an notable similarity to me in every word above. Same  
age (- a year), same album, same feelings.

Seeing my 1st Floyd show in March 1973, Dark Side of the Moon changed  
my life. It changed my aim in life.

It had EVERYTHING: True Quadrophonic sound, a great light show, a  
backdrop film, pyrotechnics! (massive explosion/ mushrooming fireball  
in "Careful w/ that Axe, Eugene"), Rock guitar, spacey electronics,  
appealing lyrics/ concept, sexy backup singers. It was very 3 (or  
maybe 4 or 5) dimensional to me.

After 2 years in college I got a synth, got a 4 track reel to reel  
(w/ sound-on-sound!),  & found a girl who'd been a Floyd fan even  
before me. Tried chasing the band for a few shows on subsequent  
tours. I always made audience tapes. Got backstage a few times & once  
gave band members Indian arrowheads (ones I'd found).

Rick seemed pleasantly down-to-earth the first time I got to say  
"hi". They'd just seen "Star Wars" in Cleveland and he loved it .  
They were about to play to 77,000 fans @ Cleveland's Stadium (with no  
opening act). It set a new record at the time.

The band obviously hit a "Grand Slam" homerun w/  DSOTM. They were my  
"heroes" for both their sound, and their low-key style. The Live at  
Pompeii film also showed their sense of humor pretty well.

Very Sad to lose him. The music though, remains & continues .... it  
shines on.....

Favorite albums: DSOTM, Wish You Were Here, Obscured by Clouds,  
Meddle, & all the others..

Scott D.