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Video of the making of my next album... :)

Hi all,

sorry I've not been around for a while (not like the list seems to have struggled in my absence ;) ) - I've been reading where possible (and interested).

As is the way, I'm back with news of what I've been up to - I've got a new album out very soon, my first with a 'band'! Hurrah!

It's a trio called Lawson/Dodds/Wood - with drummer/percussionist Roy Dodds and keyboardist/guitarist Patrick Wood.

But rather than me waffling about it here, we've made a few videos about the making of the record, which I'm putting up one at a time on my youtube page...

here are the first two, should you be interested:


part 3 should be up in the next few minutes as soon as it's encoded properly,

...and once this album's up and running, I'll be back with my head in the Looperlative working on a new solo album. It's be WAY too long since my last one... :)

ta ta


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