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Mobius question.

In regards to Mobius, how does it perform when synced to Sequencers?  
I'm currently using Sooperlooper and Live 7, and I am having trouble  
with pops at the sync point. Its very frustrating. I have a  
workaround (of course, always with the workaround), but it would be  
nice to not deal with it.
Do you windows guys find Mobius to be noise free at the punch's ?
Also, how does it deal with multi loops? SL is very clumsy when you  
want to introduce more then one loop. I am intrigued by Mobius being  
available for Macs but need to know more before I embrace another new  
piece of software. I love the EDP paradigm. It's amazing how right  
they got it so early. Kinda like a Les Paul or Strat in the 50's.