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Re: The ethics of software emulations?

On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 5:43 AM, Art Simon <simart@gmail.com> wrote:
Is this off topic?

No but its a bit dull... As far as Im concerned, copyright and IP are just killing everything at the moment.. im so bored by it.. of course before ... when everything was physical it was hard to rip off somebody elses stuff, you needed a factory to do it, now any one with a crappy old computer and a "C++ in a month" book can be a pirate...
OF COURSE its a shame... but its fact... Im a long time EDP user, and I just downloaded Mobius, havent tried it yet, and I KNOW that software aint my thing... but for getting on a plane, or a little cafe somewhere...who knows???

I'm sour today, because I spent quite some time thinking up a concept for the Google 10 to the power of 100 thing (they´re funding big projects to help people) I have a great idea to get everyone to get hooked on, and ultimately change their CO2 footprints. To change peoples lifestyles, but make them feel they have MORE from life not less. Anyway, I first checked a few domain-names to see if someone was using the provisional title I had come up with. Earthbook (Go ahead... steal the name, I know where you live!!) Strangely no one had that I could find, but OH YES.. SOMEONE HAD BOUGHT THE DOMAIN AND PARKED SOME WORTHLESS SHIT THERE...!!! And THEN later, as I was checking Googles rules for the project, there it was... "Google by no means infers that the originator of the idea shall in anyway be involved with the building or manufacture of theiy idea, Google will decide, what company shall recieve the fiunding to complet the project, and this might be Google themselves...!!! So Google are asking for ideas so they can fund themselves???

huh??? free consultants  huh?

OK well, Im making this concept for a Norwegian Company anyhow, as an internal thing.. I guess thats good enough...

Its a horrible world that we live in now, everyone is grabbing, no one is giving.
The people who put many hours in, making something... ANYTHING on a computer , and putting it out on the web for millions... yes millions to download FOR FREE... are incredible, wonderful people, when I look at Audio Mulch, Reaper, NinJam I am completely amazed by these products. Of course the authors are hoping for emplyment or purchase by a "biggie" but ... fuck...

Am I ripping off the owners of the etch-a-sketch?

Yes... you are... fuck 'em... they´re rich...

Am I "reverse engineering" the etch-a-sketch?

Yes... you are... fuck 'em... they´re rich...