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Youtube for loopers

Hey all,
I was inspired by Rick Walkers great lo fi video tribute. Nice job Rick!
I didn't have a video cam but saw my trusty Olympic digital camera on the desk, hmmm, that thing takes movies I think. It does 1.5 min or 3 min. I had some short loops laying around so I played one and filmed the screen while the visualizer on my Win Amp did its thing to the music. I popped the whole mess into my Vegas light progran that I had never used put it up on youtube and voila I am a filmmaker. LOL.
I found youtube very easy to work with, lotsa help videos, no format hassles, send as many as you want, etc.
Nothing like Myspace. I had alot of problems with them but finally got a working page up.
Thanks to all for your continuing inspiration, you just don't know what this list means to me.
Heres the links if you wanna check em out.
peace out,