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Re: Mobius first impressions... and questions.

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 9:59 PM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> 

> I was annoyed by the fact that one track stayed in Overdub when I 
> to another... any need for that?

Yep. I've done that at concert when just resampling the house PA
ambience (sometimes at a different rate to have it pitched later when
returning the overdubbing loop to "Shift = 0") and then I prepare some
empty loops for the next stage, while that is happening.

> And is it still recording into that first track while you make a new 

Depends on how you have wired your inputs. I host Mobius VST in Bidule
and keep all my soundcard inputs constantly wired into all Mobius
tracks. So wherever I turn on the volume on a (physical) its noise
will get caught in Mobius wherever I activate overdub or record or
multiply or substitute.

> So actually I DIDNT like that it had multiple tracks,

Totally. I sometimes play a complete piece by only using one track.
EDP style. But you may cue up as many loops on that track as you want.
And the history chain of Undo/Redo is infinite!!!!

> .. god 4
> tracks is too many on the Repeater for me!!

One thing I did a lot with my Repeater (before finally selling it ;-)
was to record into all tracks at the same time and then time slip
them.... or stereo pan them while just putting them a little bit out
of phase. I do those things in Mobius today.

> LOVED the idea of the track slip thing (is this the same as on the 

Yep. I'm responsible for posting that wish for Mobius, inspired by the
Rptr. And Jeff implemented it right away :-)

> figure out how to change the default settings) Does ANYONE have 
> tracks as a default? Why?

I prefer using unsynched loops rather than unsynched tracks. That way
you keep the back door still open to go back into proper timing. To
create an unsynced loop you do just as on the EDP, ending Multiply
with Record. Just don't do it to the Master Track (the first Mobius
track you create a loop on) because then you mess up the timing bass
for the whole session. (or maybe you want to do precicely that, for
the crazy things it will produce...)

> And seriously intrigued (but not enough time to try) by the scripts 
> One of my current techniques is to fire a bunch of midi notes at my EDP 
> my drum-machine. I regularly have pre worked-out sequences for example...
> that overdubs then changes the 8ths setting then goes half speed, 
> normal speed, forward, multiply... then 25 undos in a row. Now Im NOT 
> if scripts will let me do the same thing... but I think so...

That's what scripts are for! Before Mobius I used Ableton Live as the
host and then I made MIDI loops in Live's sequencer that fed the
events into the looper plug-in (Augustus Loop) to trigger different
commands. When I first started with Mobius I hosted it in Live and did
that thing. Seems like the same technique you have been using.
Scripting is much slicker though - just one back draw, timing is
always straight. No groove quantizing or swing factor there, as with
MIDI loops in Live to trigger the looper commands. I hope though to
run Mobius AU inside Numerology in the future and then I'll get my
fill ok with groove timing ;-))

> What does "Shuffle" do? Button didnt seem to do anything.

Slicing up the loop and reordering the slices.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)