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Re: Mobius first impressions... and questions.

Yes Jeff, when in Trim mode, you cant really do anything else. you can come out of trim and record an overdub on just that section, then when you go back into Trim and ... er... UN-trim sure enough that section has your overdub. It works, and would be a good solution if its not possible to do anthing else. Its just a bit "clunky" on repeater, interface-wise. If you could do this trim stuff via midi (I suggest a cc for start, one for end, and one for moving both at the same time- preferably with some kind of 8ths quantise) then one could do this quickly move back to overdub, with a hit of that switch, and back to trim. The fact that you cant do both at the same time would be a negligable problem, that would probably only be possible via scripts anyhow. anyway... that would do my head in!!! But look at the Tyme Sefari thing, by harvestman... its crazy!!!

So it's non-destructive start/end points like you see in "DJ" oriented
sample players?

I'd like to add more of these kinds of "playing the loop" features,
but the architectural issue I have is what happens when you do this
while you are overdubbing or feedback decaying and how this fits in
with undo.

You say the Repeater has to be in "Trim Mode", does this make it behave
more like a static sample player with no undoable loop modifications

One option would be to put the loop into "lockdown" mode where you
can trim, slip, pitch, window shift, and retrigger all you want but
nothing you do is undoable and you can't be overdubbing or applying
feedback at the same time.  Then the moment you start Overdub or any other
destructive modification the loop is "unlocked", whatever was last
playing becomes the new loop, and we resume the undoable layer
list as usual.