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Re: MacBook buying advice?

George Ludwig wrote:
> For those that love MacOS (as I do) but would prefer to run on commodity 
> hardware, check out http://www.hackintosh.org
> But it's not for the faint of heart.

Agreed.  There's also insanelymac.whatever  -same story.

To briefly comment: While I really like Apple and OSX, very much for 
it's ease of out-of-the-box integration, I find their hardware prices 
overrated, so I consider shopping ordinary PC hardware and install a 
shopped OSX (not the 'free open' hacked version) using boot123, which is 
an EFI bios workaround.
Ideally, I'll wan't a rack mounted studio computer, which Apple doesn't 
sell, except for the expensive Xserve.  Maybe I can mount an Apple floor 
stander laying down, but that's a pretty large and expensive solution.
For my home studio use, I do find a Macbook with an external sudio 
harddrive to be an interesting alternative, but again, the prices..

van Sinn