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AW: Presonus firebox and Mobius help

> i suppose the disadvantage of using the software mixer 
> compared to a hardware is not being able to mute the unused 
> channels quickly,i want to avoid at all cost having to grab 
> that damn mouse!

This does not directly target your initial question (but onto that: no, I
believe it is not possible), but I found that when I work with the 
I need some kind of non-mouse-based user interface. This could be a kind of
faderbox (and as usual, the starting point price-wise is something like a
Behringer BCR2000 or BCF2000, both of which I'm happy with), or in a first
step (if the application supports that) using your computer keyboard to do
what you're after - this is possible e.g. in Ableton Live and would work 
that specific application you're after.