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Re: Software Loopers and Hardware Loopers

Both Per and Kris have said it so well - i'm a laptop looper because i
keep growing out of hw and getting frustrated with the fact that it
isn't generally designed for ME and isn't that expandable or
updatable. With software, i often feel like that character in the old
Mr. Natural comics - was it Flakey Foont? - saying "the paperwork
alone will take years". However, I do get what I need from it
eventually. Processor speed is still an issue, but there are always

BTW, I'm very possibly going to finally abandon my
always-a-work-in-progress MAX/MSP looper in favor of Mobius now that
it's on the Mac, probably as soon as it becomes an AU. When I started
my project years ago, there were no good alternatives, but Jeff has
done such a great job that I can redirect all that programming time
into music once again! Yes, I have to go through another learning
curve, but that's gotta be a *lot* easier than what i've been doing.

Later, i expect to run just the low-cpu midi processing part of MAX to
generate additional sequences synced to the loops, for additional
synthetic accompaniment (for me, weirdly, this seems to be the next
frontier. funny how things come around. midi sounds used to sound like
crap, generally, and now they sound great, especially mixed with
"real" sounds, and they're so malleable with, say, really long-running
LFOs, continuous controllers, and even the velocities of what you're
playing live, to reduce the repetitiveness of certain loop elements).