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Re: Thanks to all for Y2K8

Yes Kris,i was really lucky to be staying at Ricks place where i met 
Calimba man and we had some amazing magical jams in Ricks garage,i 
initially went in there to try to get my loop rig together which i 
completely borrowed from Rick(god bless his soul)and as i was trying stuff 
out calimba man came in and liked what he was hearing then he hooked up 
his stuff and we just started jaming for hours!
we kept going yeah,groovy man,sounds sweet shit,fuck we gotta record this!
this must have been around 12 noon,we intially wanted to go out on pacific 
ave. and play in the streets but we got lost so much in the music that all 
of the sudden it was 4 o clock and there was only time for me to shower 
grab a bite and head to the venue to setup!
For me it was definetly one of the highlights of this trip, i dont even 
want to imagine what it must have been like with other such creative 
musicians around that were there,id say next time we got to have a day off 
in between and all get together party and make music with no 
electronics,this can also lead to something really special!!


--- On Sun, 11/2/08, Krispen Hartung <info@krispenhartung.com> wrote:

> From: Krispen Hartung <info@krispenhartung.com>
> Subject: Re: Thanks to all for Y2K8
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Date: Sunday, November 2, 2008, 9:09 PM
> I was just discussing something with Luis over email, which
> I wanted to share. Those of you who were staying with Rick
> and/or Bill were fortunate to be able to engage in informal
> jam sessions outside of the festival.  That is one social
> element I miss from most of these festivals, including my
> own (yet, Rick and I did get a chance to play together in my
> garage, along with Rainer in a club in Germany, which was a
> real hoot). 
> Many of us go to the event, watch people perform for
> several hours, play our 1-2 sets, and then go home, but we
> never get much chance to cross-pollinate the artistic love,
> man. We are all together at the event, but not really
> together in the personal sense. There are many musicians who
> I would have loved to play with at prior festivals (Luis,
> Matt D., Per, Matthias, Dan S,  Chris C, Leander, Erdem,
> Arild, Michael K, just to name a few), even record with to
> lay down material for potential CDs.  It would be cool if we
> could setup a back room playing area and a sign-up list, so
> that musicians playing at the festival could play and record
> with each other.   Just think of the potential for
> collaboration. Amazong. I may even decide to to this at my
> next festival here in Boise. 
> Kris
>   ----- Original Message ----- 
>   From: William Walker 
>      Well another year and another great festival is in the
> books. In spite of the late start on organizing and the
> economic woes that trickled down in various ways to us, I
> thought that this was as strong a year as ever. I was lucky
> this year to be able to catch most everyone and I was
> impressed by both new artists and artists that have been
> here before. Musical evolution before my very eyes,
> that's what I'm talking about!   I was lucky that
> the gear gods were smiling down on me this year and with the
> exception of 4 o5 false starts to begin a tune Friday night,
> I had no gear snafus. The Friday night set with Rick was
> very enjoyable with a highlight being Kevin "Kalimba
> man" Curtis joining us for some vocalizing. It was
> great to play with Rick, who played killer hand drums and
> ghatam, and it was the first time I've performed an
> entire set using just lap steel guitars. This was very
> gratifying as it is the instrument that I am having the most
> enjoyment playing these days. I also had my Sunday night
> solo spot switched to Saturday evening to accommodate a
> scheduling conflict which in hindsight was a lucky break for
> me, as I wasn't too tired from the weekend to stay
> focused. As great as the Music was, it was the interaction
> with new and old friends that makes this Festival so
> worthwhile. Getting to know new friends like Roberto Z, Luis
> A, James B, Kevin C, Jim G and Darrel S and also getting to
> spend time with old friends like Hidecki
> "Mandoman"  , and Ryusei, who stayed with us
> during the festival was beyond great. Many thanks to Krispen
> H, Ted K, Chris C, Rodent, Jeff Sloan, Mike J, Gretchen M,
> Bob B, and  all of the artists, you know who you are, and
> lastly but not leastly thanks to Rick, who puts a ceaseless
> amount of time and energy in to making this happen, and
> manages to bring together an amazingly diverse group of
> artists to play, hang out, swap war stories and information,
> and generally have a blast doing so. I was marveling today
> that, where else can one go and be able to see, such
> diversity and creativity in music?  We had vocalists, an
> enormous variety of guitar styles, a Theremin player,
> turntablists and beat boxers, lap top users,  sound collage
> artists, a guy playing a shovel, singer/songwriters. Bass
> players of  4 5 and 6 strings, percussionists,  keyboard and
> synthesizer players, a Kalimba player, an electric mandolin
> player,  a mad scientist or two, and multi instrumentalists
> galore.
>   Thanks again to all involved, it was fantastic..
>    Bill