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Re: OT: Zoom H4 bass response

On Nov 11, 2008, at 6:29 PM, Shayne Cafferata wrote:

>> I'd would have thought that if the table itself was resonating  
>> you'd hear just a rattle at one note.
>> However, proximity to a flat surface can certainlyl introduce a  
>> bass hump to the recording.  Try standing right next to the wall  
>> in a rehearsal room and notice how woofy everything gets compared  
>> to three feet into the room.
> this makes good sense. the h4 was not on a stand but just lying on  
> the table. the table itself  would have a specific resonating  
> frequency. so it would be more likely the h4's close proximity to a  
> flat surface.

The table does resonate and also acts like an amplifier. There is  
also a resonation between the microphones and the flat hard surface.  
The reflected sound adds to the direct sound which produces an  
amplified response especially of the strongest tones.


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