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Re: RC-50 vs. Laptop Setup: cost comparison

Hi Todd

> I ended up not taking your advice though:) and going with the rc-50.
Fair enough! After, all I did the same :-)

For your effect chain, I would really recommend that you give the Zoom 
G2.1u a try. It's has a decent reverb, 6-channel EQs and useable 
compression (for guitar) - plus the whole multiFX chain with Flanger, 
Pitch change, Ping pong delays and all the stuff.

My recommendation:

CHEAPEST FX CHAIN (mic>converter>Zoom>RC-50):
- Impedance Converter Mic XLR > Instrument Jack (10-20 EUR)
- Zoom G2 (ca. 100,-)

CHEAP REALISTIC FX CHAIN (mic>mackie>Zoom>RC-50):
- Mackie 402 VLZ3 (130,-)
- Zoom G2.1u (140,-)

CHANNEL STRIP (mic>channel strip>Zoom>RC-50)
- Starting from Joe Meek ThreeQ (ca. 200,-) up to ... (sky is the limit)

COMPRESSOR (mic>mackie>compressor>zoom>RC-50)
- I like the RNC for ca. 240,- / again, sky is the limit...

ADDITIONAL REVERB (mic>channelstrip/mixer+compressor>Zoom>Reverb>RC-50)
- I like the TC Electronic VoiceTone Create for Reverb. Nice compact foot 
pedal for ca. 220,- Excellent sound with very detailed tweaking options.

For your RC-50 setup, I can recommend:
- Additional Expression Pedal for Volume Control (set to current loop)
- 2 additional passive foot switches for extra features (i.e. reverse 
current loop etc)
- AB switch for special "Mixed Mode" 

A bit more on the "Mixed Mode" with RC-50:
- Set Loop1 Output to MAIN only
- Set Loop2 Output to SUB only
- Set Loop3 Output to MAIN+SUB
- Connect the Main/Sub outs with the AB switch

Now you can create a rhythmic loop on Phrase3 and then switch between A/B 
part on Loop 1/2 using the footswitch.

You can additionally enhance the setup with "Loop Feedback" feature:
- Buy a Nobels AB-V switch (needs a remote control footswitch additionally)
- Connect: RC-50 MAIN OUT > Nobels AB IN1
- Connect: RC-50 SUB OUT > Nobels AB IN2
- Connect: Nobels AB OUT1 > Mixer
- Connect Nobels AB OUT2 > RC-50 AUX IN
(you need an adapter for the AUX IN or you may route it through your mixer 
on a seperate path)
This way, you can use the AUX Volume Level to control the feedback

Mind that you cannot fully use both "Mixed Mode" and "Loop Feedback" at 
the same time.

Have fun and let us know how you are using your looper!

best regards

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