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I second that emotion, Michael Bearpark sent me a copy of the latest Darkroom CD a while back and it is really a fine piece of work,  The music ranges from the ethereal to the abstract, with great drum grooves and stellar production, this CD sounds, to quote Donald Trump, sounds “Huuge”. A great driving in the car CD, even though the first track, I believe, scared the crap out of me the other day, while waiting to turn left at a light. I turned on the player, didn’t realize the volume was up and the first sound that comes in is the massive low end rumbling sound that made me think some truck was about to nail me from behind, gave me a good start and a good laugh. But I digress, great work and beautiful music, Michael and OS.

 As for Bernard   Wagner, what can I say?  Genius courses through his veins?  He makes a mean Caipirinaha? He can reheat Ratatouilles with the best of them? He’s hiding secrets of great importance from the members of this list? He’s a secret attaché to Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez? All of these statements are true.  Congratulations Bernard. I can’t wait to hear the CD you did with Michael B.. I can’t remember if I got a copy from you or not. I’m still waiting for my GP but I’ll photo copy the article to send to you when I do.

 My best



PS  Hey Scoots, now that Bernard has become and international rising star, what will become of our Trio “The Bernards” and the still in the can “Weekend at Bernie’s”  that we recorded at his house? Do you think he will withhold the release rights, or get some studio “ringers” to replace our parts? Gee, I hope he isn’t reading this.