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Re: echoplex questions

Actually, I'm mistaken, I think you've got the MultiIncrease going. 
See p. 127 in the EDP+ manual:

Predetermine the final cycle count of a Multiply or Insert.

Multiply has a feature to aid in creating very long multiplies, called
MultiIncrease. MultiIncreaseis also useful when you know exactly how
many multiples you want to do in advance.
Instead of waiting until the end of the Multiply to make the second press
of the Multiply button, now you can immediately tap in as many
Multiples as you want in the beginning of the multiplying. The Echoplex
will automatically complete that many multiply Cycles for you. This
same function is also available for Insert, however for simplicity we will
just describe it in terms of Multiply.
MultiIncrease is very helpful for situations where you want to have a large
number of multiples and you don't want to wait to the very end to
remember to press Multiply a second time. This way you can set up in
advance how far it will multiply and let it go while you continue playing.
MultiIncrease is in addition to the normal Multiply operation, so the
standard use is not affected.

[There's more info in the manual, also available as a PDF on the LD site].