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Re: What shall I buy? EDP or Looperlative?

just wanted to chip in - the LP-1 is really 8 independent loops, not one loop with multiple tracks. the loops can be synced to the master track (which is set by default to the first track you record, but you can change it as you go along), or unsynced.

per mentioned command chains and that's something we've been talking about on the forum a lot - the ability to insert a "cue" command into a string of commands, so that any function that appears after the "cue" will happen at the loop boundary, not immediately.

at the moment however, you can cue tracks to start and stop at the loop boundary and you can cue a track to start when the current one stops

i can't really comment on comparisons, because i don't know anything about the EDP, sorry...but i'd be happy to try and answer any questions you have about current functionality (or what might be coming up in the future) and i know bob's on the list if you want to hear it from the horses mouth, as it were!