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GIG SPAM Rick Walker's DAYGLO ORANGE PLASTIC live performance Sat Dec 20, Santa Cruz, California

DAYGLO ORANGE PLASTIC    live looping performance by Rick Walker

I'll be performing the show that I performed in 8 countries in 
Scandinavia, Northern Europe and the UK
this coming Saturday,  Dec 20th to open up CLOCKWORK at the Seabright 
Bar and Lounge
(529 Seabright, Santa Cruz, California)

I'll play directly at 9 p.m. and then would love it if people would come 
join me for dancing
to Goth/Steampunk and Swirly Industrial directly afterwards.

This will be the first time I have performed the entire Dayglo Orange 
Plastic show in Santa Cruz .
I will only use Dayglo Orange Plastic as a source of sound in an hour 
long show that is very
unusual and, hopefully,  very creative.

I hope you can come down and check it out.

Admission is 5 bucks but you are let in for FREE if you are attired in 
goth/industrial and/or steampunk attire.

Also,  appropos of almost nothing:   
I made a nice poster for this gig if any one is interested in hanging
it in their very own personal Loopastery.

For a free, high quality .pdf printable 11" X 17" version
go here to download:


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