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Using Looper instead of Vocal Harmonizer

Hi fellow loopers

I'd like to hear your experience on looping vocal harmonies. Do you have 
any special hints other than the usual overdubs? I kind of prefer the 
sound of real vocal layers to a vocal harmonizer à la Digitech Vocalist 
etc (with very few exceptions like i.e. Imogen Heap's Hide & Seek ;-)

So I was wondering about your approach to this?
Common sense seems:
Sing one loop, then overdub harmonies.
If you have a shortish loop, you might add all harmonies directly. If it 
is a longer loop or chorus, you might add them over the course of the song 
(i.e. everytime you sing chorus, add another layer).

If you really just want to lay out a "harmonic carpet", you may take a 
very short loop and overdub harmonies on it for a continuous sound. Has 
anyone experimented with something like this here? i.e. : take loop 0,5 
sec length that goes immediately into overdub. Then kick in this loop 
while singing and build your harmonies on the fly?

Would love to hear your experience!

best regards

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