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Re: distortion, overdrive,fuzz,crunch,special sauce, secret goo

> Electric Guitar is the only instrument where "tone" is generally held to 
>come from "gear".
> For all other instruments "tone" is referred to as an ability of the 

Sorry Andy, but I believe you're wrong about that. It is
well-understood among pianists that e.g. a Bösendorfer sounds
different (and better) than a cheap Kawai and different (though not
necessarily better) than a Steinway. And the same is true for
trombones (and trombone mouthpieces), saxes (and sax mouthpieces and
reeds), and don't even start to discuss the "tone" of different

The difference with electric guitar with regard to other instruments
is that tone also comes from gear that is not considered part of the
instrument (amp, effects).